Slick idea

June 23, 2010 by barbara

barbara writes

I’ve been thinking, which is always just a little bit dangerous. Especially to those who are willing to listen, engage and talk back.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that there needs to be a community service component attached to the BP disaster. I figure if a kid who TPs a few trees while drinking some lite beer has to do time, the BP thing is exponentially more worthy of recompense.

Here’s my idea.

I’ve been thinking that every day until the oil leak is verifiably stopped for some as yet unnamed but protracted period of time, the BP executives – and by the way, given the company’s world view, BP probably stands for Big People, as opposed to the Small People whose lives they’ve trashed – the dudes and the occasional dudette at the top of the BP food chain should be required to take a daily dip in the Gulf. Full immersion required. Sadly, there is more.

Heads under slimy water. Every single day. No exceptions. Clothing optional, though I do think business suits, ties and Guccis would be a nice touch.

Then, when the Big People emerge and figure out how to degrease themselves, they must spend the rest of the day degreasing oil-slicked birds and critters of the sea and land. And they must spend time with the Small People who inhabit the oil-slicked land. Yes, they must interact with them. Mingle amongst ‘em. You know, as though they were Real People instead of Small People.

Just sayin’.

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