BP = Brazen Powermongers

June 05, 2010 by barbara

Alan Anderson writes

So here we all are, struggling to understand what's happening in the Gulf regarding the huge oil spill. It’s very important to know who the players are and what they represent.

BP (formally British Petroleum and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company) is the largest company in Britain. Along with the US CIA, BP was involved in the overthrow of a democratically elected government in Iran after they nationalized the oil industry without compensating AIOC.

BP has donated more than $5 million to political campaigns since 1990, giving 72% to Republicans and 28% to Democrats. They spent $16 million dollars on lobbyists in 2009. They have been fined three times for safety violations—one of those related to the 2005 explosion in Texas that killed 15 workers and injured 150 more. They were fined $87 million by OSHA and placed on probation. A review of the company found organizational and safety deficiencies at all levels of the corporation.

Another corporation involved in the Gulf disaster is Houston-based Halliburton, an oil servicing company. Former VP Cheney was their CEO from 1995-2000. Read on.

He received compensation even when he was vice president. He left with a $26 million dollar severance package. Halliburton has received huge non-compete contracts from the US military. They almost moved their headquarters to another area to escape certain taxes. But because the Houston area changed the laws and allowed them the “Freeport exemption,” they stayed.

Halliburton also has a headquarters in Dubai. Hmmm. Could that be to escape some American taxes?

A third partner in this unholy alliance is Transocean Limited. They're a US company, originally from Delaware, that moved to the Cayman Islands and then Switzerland to avoid taxes.

This information suggests one thing: there is something fishy in the Gulf oil spill disaster. And it's quite clear that fish and birds aren't the only creatures slimy with oil.

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Maxine Green (not verified) | June 6, 2010 - 1:01pm

Don't despair! The ocean will eventually cleanse itself; at about the same time the "Rocky Mountains" become the "Rocky Hills" and the "Gulf of Mexico" becomes the "Dead Gulf".