June 01, 2010 by barbara

barbara writes

Had an interesting experience on Memorial Day. We visited Fort Snelling National Cemetery. W wanted to “plant” a flag on his uncle’s grave (the uncle who died in Belgium during WWII). Brother G and I wanted to re-find our parents’ grave in that vast sea of identical, precisely placed white headstones. Something like 180,000 of them, I read somewhere. Our father served in the Navy in Guam and Okinawa during WWII.

There was so much traffic approaching the cemetery that multiple police officers were at every intersection from I-494 north, all along 34th Avenue and up Post Road.

We discovered as we neared the uncle’s grave that a major speaking event was in progress. Heard the loud-speaker intro for MN’s senior Senator, Amy Klobuchar (who said that her previous introduction at an event was as Minnesota’s senior citizen, but I digress). Listened to her speak. Joined in the applause.

Next up was Tim (MIA) Pawlenty, who pretty much only shows up when there’s media attention. Heard his opening comment. W, G and I exchanged wordless looks, and walked away, in search of the parent grave.

Rude? Maybe. But for us, there was something akin to 60-cycle hum about the voice of the man who has utterly betrayed living Minnesotans at every opportunity to do so.

Some would say it is not nice to disrespect the governor. I would say that respect must be earned. It was perversely pleasing to turn my back on the man who has turned his back on Minnesota.

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