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May 12, 2010 by barbara

barbara writes

I'm moving up a couple of comments from an earlier post. It's a conversation that needs to happen. Are you in?

barbara wrote: Four years ago, we had a chance to unseat Minnesota’s execrable Unallotment Governor, but our hack-backed, hot-headed DFL candidate shot himself (and therefore all of us) in the foot/feet.

anon commented: You are correct.

It is about to happen again. Big Marg has about as much chance to be Gov as I do, which would be zilch. Doe-eyed Dayton is on the same level and the Worthington flash is likely to have "issues" prior to November. Good job DFL !

A huge wave is about to come ashore in November. You can then write a lot of posts trying to explain it. But I think you already know that.

barbara responded: You've burrowed to a core issue, I think. Explaining failure after the fact. It's become a hallmark of Dem strategery. Read on.

There was a long-ago, classic Disney short featuring Goofy, who was spending the night in a cheap motel. In the middle of the night, his eye popped open as he heard a distant rumbling. As the rumbling grew louder, a bright light began to move toward his window. Eventually, the window shade snapped up, and he realized his room was on the railroad track and . . . well, you know. But Goofy lives forever.

Even so, the analogy is a pretty good one. If you make the Very Bad Choice of parking yourself on the tracks, there's gonna be one serious and massively destructive smash-up.

When will we ever learn? Really! I mean it. When?

Practice saying this: Governor Emmer. If that makes you gag, then it's time to do something. Do. Something.

Your turn, please and thank you.

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