And so it begins . . .

May 06, 2010 by barbara

barbara writes

UPDATED May 08; click to read whole post.

This is just the beginning, of course. Now the strong-arm tactics of Maricopa County's legendary bully, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, have been legalized by the State of Arizona. Concerning this arrest, Arpaio essentially said, "Oh, well, this stuff happens." Yeah, well, This. Stuff. Is. Just. Wrong.

I just discovered that a relative who lives in AZ has joined a FaceBook group called "I Support Arizona's Illegal Immigration Law." The group's home page says, in part, the following:

Join this group and be counted as one who supports enforcement of existing laws to protect US Citizens from this Foreign Invasion.

To date, there are just under 12,000 members.

Makes me wonder yet again about protecting U.S. citizens and migrant workers from American companies that illegally employ and exploit the latter. I wonder how many of the 12,000 would take the jobs the Foreign Invaders are doing for AZ and the USA.

You know, this is morphing into a new kind of Mexican-American-Civil War. Ugliness abounds. Tranquilizer with your tea, anyone?

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