2006 revisited because...oh, just because I can

May 01, 2010 by barbara

barbara writes

Four years ago this very day, barbara hung her first post on the Clothesline. Four years. Pretty amazing. Would probably be more amazing if I’d written regularly over the intervening years. Some people do, you know. Have you noticed that ours is a relentlessly random site?

My first post was an awkward piece, but prescient in its way. It described the courtship of John McCain and Tim “Lord of the Veto” Pawlenty. And we all know how that turned out.

Four years ago, we had a chance to unseat Minnesota’s execrable Unallotment Governor, but our hack-backed, hot-headed DFL candidate shot himself (and therefore all of us) in the foot/feet.

Four years ago, Molly Ivins was alive. And, for what it’s worth, so was Anna Nicole Smith.

Four years ago, the Oscar for best movie went to “Crash.” How obscure is that?

Four years ago, the Twins claimed the American League Central in a breathless finish, edging out Detroit.

Four years ago, the Vikings did not win the Super Bowl. Read on.

Four years ago, the American economy appeared to be robust and money was flowing like Chivas Regal.

Four years ago, George W. Bush was carving his legacy in silly putty and oil.

Four years ago, a relatively obscure, young black senator from Illinois was positioning himself for a long-shot run for the White House.

Four years ago, David was healthy and we were planning our trip to the southwest. It was safe to visit Arizona back then, and so we went.

Four years ago, we were planning our dream vacation to Scotland and Ireland. And it was magnificent.

Four years ago, I was still drinking white zin and wondering how that would play in Irish pubs.

Four years ago, classical music buffs celebrated the 250th birthday of Mozart. Lots of candles.

Four years ago, the U.S. was still mired in our quicky war in Iraq, while largely ignoring Afghanistan. Kinda like Groundhog Day (the movie).

Four years ago, teabags were associated with civil discourse and crumpets.

Four years ago, barbara wrote Clothesline posts several times a week. She was considerably younger then. Snarky but not yet terminally cynical. Worried but hopeful, with occasional bubblets of optimism.

And a whole bunch of other stuff.

And you? Where were you four years ago? What was going on in your life, your community, your country as you view it from here?

It’s been quite the ride, hasn’t it?

I’m committed to schlogging along here at the Clotheslineblog. Maybe even picking up the pace a bit. Or not. That’s the thing about us. You just never know. Kinda like life.

Finally, blessings on those of you who’ve hung in here. Awfully nice of you. Thanks.

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barbara | May 3, 2010 - 12:53pm

Joe Biden just called, and said, "Big f*ing deal!" Yup. Pretty much! :-)


Anon 1 (not verified) | May 10, 2010 - 7:34pm

Four years ago, we had a chance to unseat Minnesota’s execrable Unallotment Governor, but our hack-backed, hot-headed DFL candidate shot himself (and therefore all of us) in the foot/feet.

You are correct.

It is about to happen again. Big Marg has about as much chance to be Gov as I do, which would be zilch. Doe-eyed Dayton is on the same level and the Worthington flash is likely to have "issues" prior to November. Good job DFL !

A huge wave is about to come ashore in November. You can then write a lot of posts trying to explain it. But I think you already know that.


barbara | May 12, 2010 - 8:06am

You've burrowed to a core issue, I think. Explaining failure after the fact. It's become a hallmark of Dem strategery.

There was a long-ago, classic Disney short featuring Goofy, who was spending the night in a cheap motel. In the middle of the night, his eye popped open as he heard a distant rumbling. As the rumbling grew louder, a bright light began to move toward his window. Eventually, the window shade snapped up, and he realized his room was on the railroad track and . . . well, you know. But Goofy lives forever.

Even so, the analogy is a pretty good one. If you make the Very Bad Choice of parking yourself on the tracks, there's gonna be one serious and massively destructive smash-up.

When will we ever learn? Really! I mean it. When?

Practice saying this: Governor Emmer. If that makes you gag, then it's time to do something. Do. Something.