Obama mocks those who say sooth

April 02, 2010 by barbara

barbara writes, albeit briefly

Even I am sick of looking at the photo of Bart Stupak (below), and I'm the one who put it there!

Excuse du jour: Read a little bit more.

Brother G was admitted to the hospital again last weekend. Was released to my care yesterday. Has morphed from desperately ill back to his wonderful self. Talk about resilient! I keep trying to learn from him, but so far...well, you know.

(Weird simile #1 alert!) Trying to figure out where to latch on to and comment about the unfolding events and players on the world scene right now is like trying to hop a runaway freight going full tilt sans tracks.

Saw a couple of flicks recently. "How to Train Your Dragon," which is the perfect antidote to malaise. "Alice in Wonderland," which is spectacularly weird, but helped me remember why I so often revert to the rabbit hole as weird simile #2.

What?! You were expecting keen-eyed analysis? You'll have to go to FOX for that.

Happy Easter to those who observe it. Happy spring to everyone, but especially to Minnesotans who are celebrating our first March in modern times that had no snow. None. Zero. Nada.

Blah, blah, blah.

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