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January 13, 2010 by barbara

UPDATE: A great place to consider for your donations:

From Micahel Kieschnick of CREDO Action via The Seminal:

Doctors Without Borders operates one of the only free trauma centers in Port-au-Prince as well as an emergency hospital in the capital for pregnant women, new mothers, and newborn children. All three of its primary medical centers have collapsed, but DWB/MSF has already set up temporary shelters and is offering emergency care on the ground. For more info on their work in Haiti click here. To make a donation click here.

prairie writes with barbara p.s.

You can help the people of Haiti. Huffington Post is building a comprehensive list. As one commenter there noted, you can make sure your money goes to a charity that will really help the people by checking

In the early days of Prairie Sun Rising, I wrote "Let Them Eat Mud Cookies" about the dire everyday poverty of Haiti.

Now, the island has been devastated by an earthquake. For those who have so little, even a little contribution will go a long way. And it only takes a little time.

A Fargo group sponsored by Triumph Lutheran Church was already in Haiti on a service mission. They’re okay. But they’re going to be busy. I know of medical volunteer teams who have given of their own time to go over the years.

But the truth is, the need, the poverty, the circumstances of life in Haiti is so dire that these groups can’t begin to do what needs doing alone. And now, the earthquake jolts us. We get caught up in our daily lives, the issues we care passionately about. But we can all help, even in the comfort of our own homes.

For the least of our brethren….remember? The lesson we were supposed to learn from Katrina?
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P.S. from barbara

I had absolutely no idea this had happened until I read Prairie’s post a few minutes ago. Obviously, I’ve given up on MSM as my main source of news.

Please, please, let us bestir ourselves into action. However critical we/I are of our nation, one of the things we do best as citizens is to reach out in a major way when there’s trouble somewhere else on this fragile planet. When push comes to shove, we set aside our fractious ways and help humans in a world of hurt and difficulty.

We know the drill. Let’s do it.

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Peggy (not verified) | January 14, 2010 - 2:20am

Thanks for the donation site..DWB....will pass it on.