Prairie's Reading: Rich on Econ-terrorism

January 10, 2010 by barbara

Prairie writes:
Oh, he doesn't call it that—econ-terrorism—in his column, The Other Plot to Wreck America. But in fact, Frank Rich lays out a compelling commentary on the destructive economic tactics titans of Wall Street have wreaked, unchecked, on all of the rest of us. And fully expect to keep on doing. Unless.

This could be, should be, the most important news of coming days — initial hearings of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, its chairman former California treasurer Phil Angelides.

One presumes that a public official from the state arguably hardest hit by the Enron corruption would bring his own compelling case to the destructive chaos that is the current state of the economy. (and one would hope the willfully myopic, malfeasant Larry Summers Read on. would step out into the real country where the economy matches the weather and stop with the bullshit that everything is rosy-dosy once again.)

But wait, first we have to be fearmongered about Underpants Bomber; titillated by the penises of Tiger and John Edwards; toss in a few flashes of the gams and cleavage of Gretchen and Erin and Mika for the boobs rabble and pretty soon you have more of the same ol'.....

Unless we say, "enough."

So I'm saying it. Enough. Report on what matters. Report facts. Farm out the pundits and the partisans to the pasture.


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barbara | January 10, 2010 - 11:52am

This is bedrock, nation. (Yes, I'm channeling Stephen Colbert's true inner liberal.)

Unfortunately, the most destructive pandemic in the U.S. is terminal egocentric, apathetic butt-squat. If it doesn't come in sound-bites and actually include the phrase "economic terrorism," over and over and over again, it will not register even the tiniest blip in the national consciousness.

The United States of America has largely morphed into a me, me, me nation. The sub-text for that is this: "I don't care about systemic change. That's way too complicated. It takes too long. I. Want. Mine. And I want it now. And it's Obama's fault. Everything is Obama's fault! Except for what is Bill Clinton's fault. Turn on the teevee, Maude. Time for that straight-talking Glenn Beck's show."