Quiet heroes

January 09, 2010 by barbara

Prairie writes:

Weekends are for relaxing and reflection. Looking backward and ahead. [And this time of year, hoping the damned temperature does in fact rise or the weather guys will have a lot of explaining to do!]

We’ve begun to contemplate the passing of an era with Byron Dorgan’s retirement announcement. Because he wasn’t one of the posturers and preeners who feel it is their divine right to always show up on the pundit shows, he may not have been the best known of senators outside our own North Dakota borders.

But those who know him know well what a legacy of honor and regard he has amassed.

Two tales to tell about the Senator you may not know so well. Read on.

Thanks to Brendan (himself a staffer) for this milemarker [yeah, I know, I don't often venture into conservative blogospherics either]: A soft spot for Senator Dorgan.

And to barbara for this: Minnesota Senators lose key ally. Kinda makes you wonder how much better this country could have fared had Dorgan been Obama’s mentor, too, instead of Loathsome you-know-who.
We salute our heroes. Some are on the nation’s stage, or the world’s.

And some — we carry them with us in our hearts, right, barbara?

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Prairie lives and writes in ND, our neighbor state to the west.

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Grand Forks Mom (not verified) | January 10, 2010 - 6:21pm

The Senator has lost the confidence of the North Dakota voter. . It is not so much as what he has done as much as it is who's policies he has to support. Health care. Cap and Trade. Security. Government control. Pick your poison..

He knows it, and after a long career it is certainly not his intention to go out via election when you have a choice to exit gracefully. Before the next three years is over, this will look like a minor blip in the political screen.

"Hope and Change" is about to become total political disaster. It did not have to be this way.

Reality is obvious to the Senator. He is out early.


barbara | January 11, 2010 - 12:04am

Grand Forks Mom (not Bismarck Mom). Uffdah. Sorry about that! And thanks for coming back.