Prairie Recommends: Elizabeth Warren

December 04, 2009 by barbara

Prairie Sunshine weighs in:

One of the clearest voices on what's really at risk in this Great [shhh, don't call it Dep]Recession is Elizabeth Warren.

You'd think the idiots with their screamfests and crossfirization of inane talking points and moguls pushing their in-house hatemongers would realize that survival of the middle class is in their best interest, too.

That survival must include jobs. Education. And health care.

Oh, and also Ben Nelson and Bart Stupak and their ilk keeping their noses out of women's vaginas. Maybe this is their way of overcompensating for their own Inner Ensigns?

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barbara | December 4, 2009 - 11:26am

Elizabeth Warren has caught my attention, too. (I'm sure she'd be pleased.) She is so bright and competent and such an immensely good strategic thinker, I cannot for the life of me imagine why she has cast her lot with the world of politics.


lilalia (not verified) | December 5, 2009 - 3:57am

Don't you get excited when such voices ring clear and such people emerge in times of trouble? I remember hearing Mr. Obama speak for the first time as senator and getting the feeling of his words being different to all of the other rhetoric we were hearing at the time.

I also felt this listening to Erica Williams ( and Paul Van Zyl ( during their Pop!Tech presentations. Such young vital clear voices...