Coffee, Sex and the Stupak Amendment

November 08, 2009 by susan


Susan writes:

What better way to make my re-entry here than a Sunday morning caffeine-fueled screed? Hang on, it's been a while since I vented.
Not that there haven't been bile-inducing moments in the year since we, ah, the Dems, took control of everything and failed to deliver. I mean, it's been nine months, long enough to make a baby fer pete's sakes, and Barack Obama and the Dems have failed failed failed to turn the toxic dump they were handed into a verdant valley where unicorns prance under an azure sky.

In a direct rebuke to everything Obama stands for, the people have spoken and rejected TWO unappealing white men in New Jersey and Virginia. They also rejected the most unappealing one of all, the Palin-Pawlenty backed Doug Hoffman in NY's 23rd district, but that was an anomaly in an otherwise Republican surge.

Speaking of unappealing and making babies, last night I watched the Stupak amendment pass with 64 Dems voting to deny abortion to women who can't afford them, turning the clock back about 50 years. Full disclosure, I have given money to Rep. Stupak in the past. I know Bart Stupak and he's a nice guy. But look out Bart, the Soolen gravy train ends as of now.

Let me get this straight. It's not okay for judges to make laws from the bench, but it is okay for lawmakers to render judgment from the House floor. So if my moral compass tells me that cattle feedlots are wrong, I can strip funding from the farm bill for any agribizzes practicing this kind of barbaric animal husbandry, right? Har har, not really. How about stripping funding for an immoral war? Oh get over it you liberal wing nut. Wars don't kill people, Planned Parenthhood kills people.

After the sanitized Health Care Bill passed, I watched Rep. Stupak's press conference. (Yeah, another wild Saturday night at the Lenfesteys) At least Stupak had the decency not to rail on about murdering babies, unlike his Republican counterpart Rep. Christopher Smith of New Jersey, who said, among other things, that the Hyde amendment (which forbids Medicaid funding for abortions) prevents "death, mayhem and wounding to the mothers." Yep, always on the side of those mothers.

Stupak seemed subdued and reasonable by comparison, and without mentioning baby-killing, gave the feeling that this really is his deeply held personal belief. (So, like, keep it personal.) Unlike Rep. Smith, on almost every other issue, Stupak votes with "us". And, to be totally pragmatic, without the Stupak amendment the bill wouldn't have passed. So, the legal right to abortion was the sacrificial lamb. But hey, women are tough, we're used to being tossed off the train when politically expedient, no bad feelings. Right?

Maybe the way to go now is to lean on Bart, and the 63 Dems who voted with him, to step up the funding for sex ed and birth control. Who wouldn't like to prevent abortions? And let's make sure that health care includes reproductive care. Let's make sure that insurance companies that fund Viagra also fund birth control -- something many of them currently do not do. ("It's a maaan's world." So sayeth the late James Brown.)

In the world of the religious conservative, sex is only okay if it leads to babies, or if that's the intent. But I doubt that Viagra is used by those trying to conceive a baby. In fact, I once had a "conservative" geezer brag to me to me, after a city council meeting no less, that he had a vial of Viagra in his pocket. An almost irresistible come on, but I don't think he wanted me to bear his child. (Reminded me of the boys in high school who bragged that they had Creme de Menthe in their car. Same ones who bragged at our 10th reunion that they had weed in their hotel room, and at the 25th that they had coke in the bathroom. I skipped the 40th, fearful of that Viagra in the pocket thing. Maybe I should start flirtatiously flashing my vial of Astro Glide. God, sex among seniors is not a pretty thing.)

I digress. Too much coffee.

In his bloody baby speech, Rep. Smith said that Planned Parenthood was the biggest killer of babies in the world and that the Hyde amendment had saved the lives of a million children -- little children we see today playing on our streets.

Waydaminit, who sees children playing on the streets anymore? Aren't they filled with drug dealers and welfare queens and homos and pedophiles (same thing) and illegal aliens who are all going to get their DRUGS paid for by you and me now that the LIBERALS have forced this GOVERNMENT RUN aka SOCIALIZED MEDICINE program down out throats? Well, at least they won't get their ABORTIONS paid for, thanks to the Stupak amendment, praise the lord.

While we keep the pressure on for passage of a real health care and insurance reform bill, let's also write checks to Planned Parenthood, and make sure that Rep. Stupak and Rep. Smith (and Minnesota's Oberstar and Peterson) know about it. And maybe if being thrown off the train is what it takes to get the bill passed, we can live with it. For now. And then challenge the Stupak amendment in the courts, where, may I remind Messrs. Stupak, Smith et al, it was decided nearly 37 years ago that abortion should be safe, legal, and a woman's choice.

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