Please don't miss Maddow interview with Al Gore

November 05, 2009 by barbara

barbara writes

(link to second page repaired; did I not tell you it's always something?!)

I think it was Rosanna Rosannadanna who famously said, "It's always something." Yup to that.

Brother G has been in/out/back in to hospital this past week and had surgery yesterday. All of which is by way of saying I'm caught up in the details of restoring his health.

So in the interim, I'm posting the above clip that I stole from firedoglake.

On the way home from the hospital the other night, I was listening to MPR, whose guest was a climate change expert from Australia (if I recall correctly). And his comment was that in his country, Al Gore is not labeled a political dude but rather the man on this planet who has the best handle on climage change and also the visibility and cojones to keep it before us.

It's sadly entertaining to watch the political right lob verbal grenades at Gore. I think it is not so much that they don't get it as that they get it and hate it and have decided that since it doesn't much affect their own here-and-now, it is easier to feign righteous political indignation than take even the smallest measure of responsibility for the fouling of the planet. I suppose if one sleeps in one's own poopy pj's long enough, one simply adapts. Not this one, however. A little bit more.

I invite you to join me in buying Gore's new book, "Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis." Read it and inwardly digest. Discuss at length in the near future. We need to get solidly behind this.

And who are "we"? Well, in the past at this site, there was a strong focus amongst our readers on being responsible stewards of planet earth.

I noticed that there's a student version of the the book, and I might actually take a look at that. I have told you often that I'm a mile wide and a quarter-inch deep in terms of my knowledge base. That includes (and is not limited to) the matter of climate change. So maybe the student version will be best suited to my limited knowledge.

I need to get smarter and more vocal about this, because it's an issue that keeps me awake some nights. Why? Because I cherish my grands. Because I believe that Homeland Security should morph into Global Security, protecting this planet with a constant red warning light.

You will be shocked (or maybe not) at the comments Rachel Maddow cites in this clip from the likes of Lips Limbaugh. The ugliness just grows and grows, fertilized directly out of the talking butts of the likes of Rush and Michele Bachmann and, and, and.

Okay. That was gross. But truth isn't always convenient nor pretty, is it?

And there you have it.

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barbara | November 5, 2009 - 11:53pm

All right. I bought both books. The student version (my speed) and the adult version (which may be totally over my head). I am determined I'm going to get smart(er) about climate change. Difficult to rail effectively when you don't know what the heck you're talking about. Like Michele Bachmann, for starters.


BJ (not verified) | November 7, 2009 - 10:32pm

How is Mr. G doing? Out of the hospital, I hope. Mr. B is dealing with H1N1......very difficult week........still home, but will be hospitalized if things don't improve soon.
Keep in touch,


barbara | November 8, 2009 - 10:25am

Oh no!! Of all people who needed the vaccine . . . Sorry to hear this.


barbara | November 8, 2009 - 10:26am

BTW, Mr. G. out of hospital. Hurting unit, but making daily progress. Biopsy results due sometime this week.


BJ (not verified) | November 8, 2009 - 8:07pm

Glad to hear that Mr. G is out of the hospital, hopefully recovering.
Mr. B admitted to hospital today. Does not qualify for vaccine....isn't pregnant, nor a child.