November 03, 2009 by barbara

barbara writes

Sometimes life is harsh. Did you ever have this happen to you? Someone you maybe didn't know very well died and the news of that was somehow inexpressibly sad? For me, today was the day.

On Hallowe'en morning, early, early, a wonderful blog colleague of mine and of Prairie's was finally done in by her cancer. Her nom de blog (h/t, PS) was katymine. I just learned today that she and I and another blogger friend share the same birthday.

When she was healthy, katymine was an activist's activist. Even before her dire diagnosis and totally gutsy battle against the cancer beast, she advocated long and hard for health care reform and a host of other things that matter deeply to liberals. She was in the trenches on behalf of all of us.

Her illness took a terrible toll, as cancer so often does long before it has fully slaked its greed. But every time she could summon up energy, katymine popped back online to encourage, inform, offer wisdomlets (when she was too exhausted or too sick to offer her usual wisdom).

She leaves behind a grieving family (including her beloved husband, Elmore), and a community of virtual friends. She was a keeper and yet we could not keep her.

Just wanted you to know.


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