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November 02, 2009 by barbara

barbara and Prairie Sunshine shoot the breeze over the Clothesline:

barbara: You know, Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks to her, I discovered today that I can see Prairie Sunshine’s clothesline from my kitchen window. And Prairie lives a few hundred miles away from me. Who knew? Hey, Prairie. Welcome to Clotheslineblog.

Prairie: Hey, thanks, Barbara...and happy birthday! I was just playing with my own clothesline today. You know, the stuff you can buy in the hardware store just for emergencies, real antique, doesn't even stretch like bungee cords.

But clotheslines are adaptible. And I used some of mine to wrap around and tie shut the doors on my compost bin. Seems the neighborhood squirrels found the stale pistachios to their liking; unfortunately also, some of the kitchen detritus that I hope will season over winter into some usable compost. But cleanup was just a few minutes with the rake and shovel.

Unlike the political garbage. Whether it's Saucy Sarah or Lyin' Liz, there's no hope for those gals turning into something that grows anything but weeds.

barbara: Well, weeds and stuff that smells really disgusting. Ever notice how those lovely paper-whites stink? Just sayin’.

Anyhoo, I’ve been so caught up in the pulse-pounding excitement of Hallowe’en (punctuational purity) and my ownself’s birthday that I almost spaced November 4! Do read on, please!

Pretty much blows me away that it’s been a full year since we elected Barack Obama POTUS, succeeding Hapless Boy Wonder and his merry men + Condi.

Prairie: Nov. 4, 2008—Worth celebrating all of its own. The whole world took notice of that change we, the people made. And despite all the best efforts of Murdoch Media and their Minions in the remnants of the MSM, that change will continue moving inexorably forward.

Oh, it's not pretty to watch sometimes, but there's an optimistic current that will keep on keeping on. Why just today, the Sunday supplement, Parade, reported on their survey that 89% of Americans "feel we can overcome" whatever challenges lie ahead "as long as we come together to support one another."

Now if someone will just clue in the sweet duo over at Foxy News that their racist code baiting "man-child" tactics have run out of steam, 'cause division is soooooooooooooooooooooo yesterday...yesteryear...yesterdecade...yestercentury...yestermillennium....

barbara: No kidding. I still believe that change is possible, but I have to tell you I’m not optimistic about the coming together thing. I get that there’s always been political rancor and disagreement in the good old U.S. of A., but this bitter bile and take no prisoners thing is deeply troubling. The idea of Obama is magnetic. But it seems that lots of folks are made of wood. And that includes some of our own leftists. Anna Quindlen said an interesting thing in Newsweek. “If the American people want the President to be more like the Obama they elected, perhaps they should start acting more like the voters who elected him.”

Prairie: I like that Quindlen quote. Sounds like the makings of good action for a fresh month. So, I'll glance out there in commenterland. What do you think? How can you...and we...act more like the voters who elected Obama? What can you do...this week? Today?

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(Prairie Sunshine is the nom de blog of Sandy Huseby who blogs from the northern realm of Minnesota or North Dakota, depending on whim and/or weather. Here’s the link to her homeblog, Prairie Sun Rising.

We’ll be writing together, separately, with Susan and with others who are queuing up in wild anticipation of the opportunity to hang out at the Clothesline. Pithy commentary, saucy snark—you know—the usual. Prepare to be dazzled!)

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