The Wrong Governor Quit!

July 04, 2009 by susan

UPDATE Given Sarah Palin's threat to sue HuffPost blogger Shannyn Moore for saying stuff about her that offended her delicate sensibilities, please note change in authorship of this post.

by ann coulter glenn beck

Whoa, wassup in Wasilla? There's something that stinks and it's not an oil spill this time.

Sarah Palin just gave the most looney tunes speech about why she's no quitter -- as she announced she's quitting. See it here. Commercial at no extra charge.

Mark Sanford won't quit, because it's a bad example for his boys.
Now Sara will quit because it's a good example for her kids. Actually, in case you missed it, she's not really quitting, she's passing the ball so her team can win. HUH? Truly, there's got to be Bristol or Track trouble a-brewing, or maybe the first dude's been up to no good. More.

John McCain displayed his utter disregard for our country when he picked this wack-doodle, thinking she would bring women's votes to his side. And he displayed his utter disregard for women, thinking our tongues would loll out in puling delight at the same old ruinous Republican policies as long as there's been a gender swap. Sorry John, you cannot snap breasts onto a hate-spewing cobra and think we won't notice.

As bad as our problems are -- economic collapse, health care collapse, environmental collapse, Michael Jackson collapse -- we can celebrate this Independence Day knowing how much worse it could have been with Sara Palin and John McCain at the helm.

Thank you Barack Obama. Tomorrow night I'm going to write your name in the sky with my sparkler, over and over and over again. You may not save us from ourselves, but you saved us from Sarah Palin.

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barbara says (not verified) | July 4, 2009 - 9:07am

Background (for the seventy-eleventh time): barbara doesn't watch teevee. In fact, had to have a friend here yesterday to help me figure out how to turn it on (cable, dontcha know?!)

The point here is that I've not heard Sarah Palin's voice before, except as channeled by Tina Fey. As I watched this clip, I kept wanting to laugh because it seemed like such a good impersonation. But wait. It was Palin channeling Palin.

There is something very weirdly unsettling about her demeanor in general and in this situation in particular. Is she always relatively breathless and tightly wired? Maybe so. But the "Let's all chuckle together, because, doggone it, isn't what I just said tres amusant?!" thingie is peculiar.

Read somewhere this morning that her inner circle (or a mole or faux mole therein) claim she's fed up and rising re politics. Doesn't like her life. Wants to be done with all of that and just be a good little mom to her brood.

That, of course, stands in stark contrast to the GOP statement that she wants to turn her full attention to working for other candidates. Yowza! Bet they're mighty thrilled at that prospect!

And in stark contrast to the speculation that she's clearing the decks for a full frontal presidential run. Hmmmm. Odd timing, to say the least.

Yeah, Susan, this doesn't pass the sniff test. Something wicked this way comes. Should be very, very interesting to watch this play out. Wondering if she and Ted Stevens swam in the same cesspool. More hmmmmm.


Cron (not verified) | July 7, 2009 - 9:31am

I could only make it through 3 minutes of the Palin video. I found myself feeling very uneasy for her, wishing that she would stop talking and embarrassing herself. As I am no student of political science, I am unclear of which Johan Skytte Prize winner's theory she was espousing, that only a governor who is running a re-election campaign can carry out the duties of her office, that a lame duck governor will be ineffective, presumably because she is immune to the pulls of all the interest groups that "keep politicians accountable." But I couldn't help thinking that this was a case of mistaken self-identity, that while she got a good look at her own silhouette, she spoke too soon in identifying it as that of a duck rather than that of a loon.
Are we sure Harold Ramis isn't writing her speeches as trailers for his next project?


susan | July 7, 2009 - 10:45pm

Yep, walks like a loon, talks like a loon . . .
Did anyone notice that Al Franken got sworn in as Minnesota's Jr. senator today? Or see it? Or were you all watching MJ's grand finale? I'm in Michigan, so saw neither. Just wondering if Al got any air time after his 8 month stay in purgatory. Or did he get lost in the MJ madness?


barbara says (not verified) | July 8, 2009 - 10:19am

What? Michigan seceded?

Al got his roughly four minutes, start to finish (including walking into the Senate chamber). And I saw that only because I tuned in C-SPAN2 on computer. Maybe it was on networks, too, but good thing I didn't look for it there, because my teevee dorkdom would have ensured I'd have missed the moment.

Caught a fragment of MJathon. Weird circus. In my brief watching, I learned that he taught us all about love, that he taught us all about compassion, that he wasn't strange because he was just Michael. I wearied after about five minutes (which really was about four minutes too long, with apologies to MJ fans who loved every minute of it; truly).

Meanwhile, left blogorama continues to beat up Obama for every choice he makes, does not make, thinks about making, etc., etc., etc. Frankly, I'm weary of that as well. Oh, wait, I think I see a barbara trend here.

Weary, weary.


Cron (not verified) | July 8, 2009 - 3:36pm

You have watched more than I have (or could), which sort of makes you an expert on the spectacle and its greater implications for western civilization. Do you think they will count the spontaneous combustion of his hair in the cola commercial as a "miracle" for purposes of the canonization process?


barbara writes (not verified) | July 8, 2009 - 4:45pm

Begorrah, you're right! I hereby declare myself expert on all things MJ that occurred between 1:05 and 1:09 p.m. yesterday and, by extension, expert on all things MJ, retrospectively. How have I lived so long without grasping the impact he had on shaping world-wide values and interests? MY values and interests. How did I not, until you called it to my attention, tumble to the enormous symbolism of the burning hair? Oh, Cron, thank you so much for opening my eyes to truth. (Had enough??)