Summertime Blues

June 24, 2009 by barbara

barbara writes

Been a while, hasn't it? And the truth is that not many funny things happened on the way back to the Clothesline. Let’s take a little look at the landscape.

Last time I wrote here (April 02), Al Franken and Norm Coleman were still locked in mortal combat re Minnesota’s vacant Senate seat. It has now been roughly 170 days since Franken should have been seated in the Senate. And for all practical purposes, nothing has changed. Coleman is still messing with all our minds, our money, our national well-being, our state’s reputation. And the Minnesota Supreme Court, apparently under the tutelage of the fabled tortoise, has yet to render a verdict.

I read earlier this week that little Nevis, Minnesota (population 364, as I recall) plans a pig race sometime during the weekend of the Fourth. One pig will be named Al, the other Norm. And as noted by their mayor, in 15 seconds, Nevis will be able to accomplish what all the king’s horses and men and a few women have been unable to accomplish in six months...SIX MONTHS!... i.e., identify the winner. Weird science, but it works for me.

Last time I wrote here, the wee tyrant with the huge ego, nasty disposition, oversized sunglasses and oddly vertical hair was not much seen. Kim Jong-il was, ummm, ill. Oh, yeah, there's more.

But now he and/or his minions are declaring that North Korea is on the brink of decimating the United States, beginning with Hawaii. We are talking homicidal hubris here. And surely Obama must rise every morning, wondering why the hell he wanted this job of his. Meanwhile, you have to wonder how the North Koreans (and South Koreans, for that matter) feel about their spokespeople. Oh, wait. We already know. We had Dick Cheney.

Last time I wrote here, Mark Sanford was just your garden variety, obnoxious, obstructionist Republican governor, thumbing his nose at stimulus funds for South Carolina. And then, last week, he simply disappeared. Stephen Colbert declared himself SC governor for 40 seconds, at which point he learned that Sanford had surfaced, not on the Appalachian Trail but in Argentina with his mistress. Turns out it’s Sanford’s third trip there, paid for by the taxpayers. And Fox News just captioned him with a crawler, IDing him as a Democrat. You can’t make this stuff up, people.

Last time I wrote here, no one had any idea at all who Senator John Ensign was. In case you’ve already forgotten (I had), he’s a Republican Senator from Nevada, one of 49 states that has two senators. Only after Ensign did his mea culpa about his affair did we learn that he was considered a front-runner for the next presidential election. Okay, fine. Whatever.

Last time I wrote here (this in the interest of balance), John Edwards had slithered into obscurity on the heels (apt word choice) of his highly publicized extra-marital affair. As of this evening, he is still there.

Last time I wrote here, the economy was in the loo, both the right and the left were skewering Obama for pretty much everything, Rahm Emanuel was the acknowledged anti-Christ, and there was war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Check, check, check, check and check.

Last time I wrote here, Neda Agha Sultan was alive.

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Anne Gibert (not verified) | June 24, 2009 - 9:04pm

Oh, that's so sad. Perhaps if you'd been here ......


barbara says (not verified) | June 25, 2009 - 8:53am

Remember that our tagline says "no power."