MN hostage to eNORMous ego

April 04, 2009 by susan

Okay, I'm out of patience. I'm tired of hearing that we do not yet have a second senator because Minnesotans are either dysfunctional whack jobs (snicker snicker, remember Jesse Ventura??) or politely repressed Lutherans. (Could we put this whole Lutheran thing to rest? I mean, that's so yesteryear, like referring to New Yorkers as stolid Dutch. And if we have to be lumped as one with the settlers of origin, why not refer to us as laconic Lakotans or something?)

By all counts, Al Franken has won this race, again. And Norm Coleman has lost his appeal -- again. In every sense of the word.
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So why do the media continue to say that Minnesotans are fed up with both of them? It may be true that Minnesotans were never all that thrilled with either of them -- Norm's slick on the outside and pitted on the inside, his "family" life a charade, while Al's exterior has a few blemishes, but he's a good-hearted pure Wellstonian on the inside, in a genuine long-term love affair with his wife Franni -- which is why the race was so close to start with.

Or why do they point out that even corrupt Illinois was able to fill its senate seat with less strum and drang, and that New York was too, even with the most unloved Governor in the US of A bungling it every step of the way?

Let's get a few things straight.

First, this was not a seat vacated when someone upgraded to first class, aka, Obama to the presidency and Clinton to the secretary of state. Those seats are filled by appointment. It was a photo-finish to a hard-fought campaign which triggered the state's mandatory recount law. No one can intervene and make an appointment.

Second, even in today's Strib it was reported that the race was prolonged when Franken "pressed his right" to a recount after Norm "won" by 700 votes. No, by state law when the margin is so slim a recount is mandatory . It's like saying that the justice system was bogged down when the murder victim pressed for an arrest and trial of the perpetrator. No, the law requires that the crime be prosecuted, not the victim.

Third, no matter how tedious the recount has been, and how much minutiae has been picked over, all but the most calcified Republicans agree that the three-judge panel was non-partisan and that the process was yes, transparent.

So it should be obvious to everyone, even the eye-rolling media, that what is going on now is pure obstructionism by the Republican Party. They plan to pay for Norm to contest Al's slim victory in the Minnesota Supreme Court and all the way to the US Supreme Court -- to wage "World War lll" as John Cornyn has called it -- not on principle, not even as a show of support for Norm, but just to keep one more Democratic vote out of the senate as long as they can, which could be years.

Meantime, MN gets along with one senator, a very competent one, fortunately, doing the work of two -- constituent services know no party and require hours of staff work -- but with the vote of one.

Whether we're Lakotan or Lutheran, Populist or Patrician, we're getting screwed by Norm's refusal to face defeat, and by the Republicans who'll pay his bills -- while piously whimpering about disenfranchised voters.

I'd expect this level of hypocrisy from them, but I'd also expect the press (I know, why?) to get it right and stop making this some sort of Minnesota mud-bath, with two losers slugging it out while a bunch of polite Lutherans look on saying, "Well gosh, this is differnt."

No, we had an election and a mandatory recount and when the remaining 400 votes are tallied on April 7, Al Franken will win again and he should be seated in the Senate. And Norm Coleman and his backers can't accept that.

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barbara | April 4, 2009 - 3:32pm

So why the hell isn't someone saying this very publicly? Oh, wait. You just did. The endless pussy-footing around the truth is almost as galling as the truth itself. And yeah, the Republics are playing fast and loose with the citizens of Minnesota and, by extension, the citizens of the United States.

This whole endless gambit is only the latest example of the lengths to which neocons have gone, are going, will go forevermore. Just because George and Dick are no longer seated on their thrones doesn't mean their legacy of governing by deceit and dirty tricks has been flushed down the loo.

Take a close look at the photo of Norm. Look into his eyes, deeply. See his soul? Me neither.


BLOGDE (not verified) | April 5, 2009 - 12:37pm

Sorry, but the Lutheran things stays and the Dutch thing goes, we are still parochial midwesterners who will chase a winning football coach out of his job just because we don't like "the cut of his jib" and other assorted quirks peculiar to our locale and inbred demographics. Truly metropolitan we are not, New York, L.A., Chicago, etc. is.

Yes Norm Coleman and his party are playing a losing hand, but we can not forget who we are just the same, lest we become Norm Coleman like.


susan | April 6, 2009 - 11:50pm

Ouch!! I hear you on the metropolitan thing, and you are so right. I remember my mother visiting us here the first time (from Chicago, my home town) and we went to the Guthrie. She took in the crowd and said, "Hmm, there's something very different about the people here."

I was just pointing out that MN is no longer as Lutheran as it once was, any more than NYC is as Dutch as it once was.
Even out here on the tundra we've had a few immigrant waves, most recently Hmong and Somali -- although the reason we get so many immigrants is that Lutheran Social Services has traditionally provided a very strong network of support to new arrivals.

So I can't duck the Lutheran thing, you're right. But dammit, we're not putting up with Norm's BS because we're a bunch of Norski sheep! We didn't have any choice, he had a right to do what he did. But tomorrow's the big day for the final ballots. And if Norm takes this to the MN Supreme Court, which he will, I'm going to brine him in lye and turn him into a big piece of lutefisk.


BLOGDE (not verified) | April 7, 2009 - 3:48pm

Your mothers comment made me laugh out loud! I can just picture it. And good news you probably know by now, Al has increased his lead. Keep up the great work.


susan | April 9, 2009 - 1:23pm

Yeah, Al won again. How many times must one man have to win, before his opponent's defeated? The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind . . . Or in the MN Supreme Court.
Meanwhile, Amy K. is doing a very good job of keeping herself front and center. I'm a fan and a friend, but she does know how to grab the limelight, even if it means traveling to Vietnam with John McCain and Lindsey Graham. What, no Joe Lieberman? Probably not during Passover. Maybe that's why they timed the trip for when they did.


TropiGal (not verified) | April 11, 2009 - 11:14am

I love the double entendre that concludes the articles. Well said. And so true.


Poet (not verified) | April 14, 2009 - 8:50am

Well unless Minnesotans are as big a collection of rubes as portrayed by Garrison Keilor, the past post-election 5 months ought to guarantee that nobody much will want to vote for Republicans for a long while. (yay!).


susan | April 14, 2009 - 11:46pm

It sure was sweet to see the Strib headline this morning with a big photo of Al saying, Franken wins. Or close to that. It makes Norm's lawsuits look as frivolous as they actually are.

Hey, Poet. I've been getting something in my email of late that might be from you but it's going into the spam filter because I'm not recognizing the name. Is that you? I forgot who you are when you're not Poet. Let me know and I'll de-spam you.


Anonymous (not verified) | April 22, 2009 - 7:31am

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club penguin (not verified) | June 1, 2009 - 7:53pm

The endless pussy-footing around the truth is almost as galling as the truth itself. And yeah, the Republics are playing fast and loose with the citizens of Minnesota and, by extension, the citizens of the United States.