The Emperor's New Pick

May 08, 2006 by barbara

by Barbara Miller

Here we go again. Bush is trying to foist another iffy pick on the American people.

General Michael Hayden is being tapped by Bush to head up the CIA. Hayden is John Negropontes principal deputy in the National Intelligence Agency. Bush appointed Hayden to that position, too. So clearly he is Bushs boy. Foxes and henhouses, don't you know. It is the way of things in Bush World.

So do we know who Michael Hayden is? Until yesterday, probably not. But every time George W. Bush claims that his appointee du jour is "supremely qualified," stand back for a stunning display of red flags. (Wikipedia says that red flags are the international symbol for "blood of angry workers." Yeah, pretty much.)

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When (the holy) father doesn't know best

May 03, 2006 by susan

by susan lenfestey

Shortly after the archdiocese of Boston announced that they were shutting down their century-old adoption agency rather than place children in homes with gay parents -- a practice the Vatican deemed "gravely immoral" in 2003 -- the Vatican took up debating the morality of the condom.

I suppose that the past "gravely immoral" behavior of a whole slew of priests shouldnt condemn the rest of the pack to having no moral leg to stand on, but the churchs institutional response " or lack of one " well, thats another story.

So how is it that the Catholic Church thinks their ideas about condoms or what makes a normal, healthy family should result in anything other than sidesplitting laughter?

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Save the last dance for me

May 01, 2006 by barbara

By Barbara Miller

Oh, frabjous day! The first week of May. Time to commemorate spring, revolution and the pairing up of political odd fellows. Yes, once again, Karl Rove reigns supreme in the match-making biz. And this year, that crafty Beltway Yentl has his eye on our very own Minnesota governor, Tim Pawlenty.

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Nothing Prepared Me for Bush

April 29, 2006 by susan

In this excerpt from, Robert Scheer lays out how we wound up in our current political cesspool -- even if we have to swallow hard to accept that Nixon got anything right. For the entire interview with Onnesha Roychoudhuri go to AlterNet

Robert Scheer spent over 30 years interviewing American presidents and candidates since Nixon, but it was only in retrospect that he discovered a disturbing pattern. Scheer's new book Playing President: My Close Encounters with Nixon, Carter, Bush I, Reagan and Clinton - and How They Did Not Prepare Me for George W. Bush explores the crippling effects the campaign process had on every candidate he interviewed - and how our presidents have become increasingly out of touch with American voters.

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Seeking Religious Freedom on Native Lands

April 23, 2006 by lynnell

By Lynnell Mickelsen and Susan Lenfestey

There's a wee bit of a backlash in South Dakota since its legislature passed the most sweeping abortion ban in the country two months ago. It appears many residents are not exactly lying back and taking it.

According to last week's New York Times, (See the original story at Republican Governor Mike Rounds enthusiastically signed the law and promptly watched his job approval ratings drop 14 points. A flood of new, energized Democratic challengers is now running for the state legislature. And abortion-rights activists are gathering signatures to put the law on hold and put it on the ballot for voters to consider this November.

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