You ate WHAT???

June 17, 2006 by barbara

This just in from WSJ re Enron's formerly-suicidal-but-now-resigned-to-his-fate Jeffrey Skilling:

In the interview, Skilling insisted he was innocent despite a jury convicting him on 19 counts.

Skilling says that he stupidly helped convict himself by telling federal authorities -- whom he described as the "Gestapo" -- too much.

"I was the best source of information that the government had," he said. "Absolutely."

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An Inconvenient Truth in an ambivalent world

June 17, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

Saw Al Gores movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" yesterday. Took a couple of my grands. Got turned down by a third. Three to go.

The movie. It was good. Gore was good. I brought extra socks in case the movie blew mine away. Didnt happen. Did it need to?

I saw the bulk of this material when Gore brought his road show to St. Paul last year. Didnt have extra socks then, and wished Id brought them. It was just Al and his slides and us. Even though "us" numbered hundreds of folks in a large auditorium, there was still something intimate about the experience. Gore stuck around for a long, long time afterwards, schmoozing, answering questions, posing for photos. Yeah, I have one. Al and Barbara, together at last.

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More borrowing with gratitudery

June 15, 2006 by barbara

Excerpts from Eric Altermans blog, "Altercation"

Bush sounding like a moron . . . :

Mr. Bush told the prime minister that he had come "to look you in the eye." He repeated the phrase later at the palace, when he told troops and other Americans he had come "to look at Prime Minister Maliki in the eyes and determine whether or not he is as dedicated to a free Iraq as you are."

Excuse me bub, but thats not the way life works. You cant fly across the world, have a couple of photo ops for a few minutes with a guy whose language you do not speak and whose countrys history you know nothing about and "determine whether or not he is dedicated to a free Iraq."

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Great piece borrowed from Daily Kos

June 14, 2006 by barbara

Here's a great piece from Daily Kos.

Louder Than Words
by DarkSyde
Wed Jun 14, 2006 at 05:40:30 AM PDT

After YearlyKos, with the midterm elections looming and 2008 not too far in the distance, many of you probably wonder, what do we do with all this energy? Well, you have come to the right post!

Some of you are first time readers, maybe even new to blogs. Perhaps you saw or read a story about a bunch of progressive political bloggers invading Las Vegas? We played a big part in that. See my first comment or click here to learn how you can begin to participate in people powered politics.

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Veni, vidi, very weary

June 13, 2006 by barbara

I'm a DFL convention survivor. That means I have completed my stint as a voting delegate at the MN Dem party's annual endorsing convention. And let me tell you, it was really something.

Where else would you see hundreds of adults parading around an auditorium with brightly-colored signs held high, shouting out names and slogans like kids on a sugar-buzz? Where else but on "The Sopranos" would you hear a whole cadre of people referred to sotto voce as "persuaders"? Where else would freezing the floor mean something other than bringing in the Zamboni crew?

Obviously (?) there was more to it than that. Heres the short form. We arrived. They speechified. We shouted our approval. We voted. We waited. We voted and waited some more. We ate mounds of stuff that passed for food, hoisted a toddy or two, and slept little. We came back each new morning for more. We endorsed some candidates and broke the hearts of others. And then we went home.

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