June 30, 2006 by susan

It's a bumpy ride with those Supremes. One day we get bonked with a bad ruling on Texas redistricting, and the next we get a boost with the good ruling on Gitmo tribunals. A boost described as "fantastic," "amazing" and "remarkable" by human rights lawyers.
As friend Michael Anderson points out, "in the courtroom on Thursday, the chief justice sat silently in his center chair as Justice Stevens, sitting to his immediate right as the senior associate justice, read from the majority opinion. It made for a striking tableau on the final day of the first term of the Roberts court: the young chief justice, observing his work of just a year earlier taken apart point by point by the tenacious 86-year-old Justice Stevens, winner of a Bronze Star for his service as a Navy officer in World War II."

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You think you've got problems??

June 29, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

Help! I am being held prisoner in a place with no electricity. We are converting old stuff to new stuff in an older house. The electrician insisted on shutting off the power. ALL the power.

I didn't miss the microwave (very much). Didn't miss the coffee maker (after the throbbing caffeine headache subsided). Dont watch TV, so that was no biggie. Didn't even miss the telephone (unaware that would go, too.)

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In a nutshell

June 28, 2006 by barbara

"If you believe the war in Iraq is a success, vote Republican. If you believe the war in Iraq is a failure, vote Democrat."

Jonathan Alter, Newsweek

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Man of the (pre-selected) people

June 27, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

He came, he saw, he didnt shoot anyone. Far as we know. (Q: Why dont you people let that hunting accident thing go? A: Because like most Bushies, Cheney beat the rap, which offends us.)

Our fair cities were graced with the presence of the Dick Cheney yesterday. In yet another Rovian ploy, his comings and goings were scheduled during rush hour, rendering major streets and highways impassable. Thus thousands of peasants were displaced by one feral man. (Q: There you go again. Do you people have any decency at all? A: Yes, we do. Thats why were Democrats.)

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June 26, 2006 by barbara

Dick Cheney has slithered out of his cave (think Gollum). He is in the Twin Cities (MN) for a "private fundraiser" for Michele Bachmann who is running for Congress against Patty Wetterling.

For those who many not know, Bachmann is Minnesotas most unrepentantly shrill homophobe, having turned on her own step-sister, who is a lesbian. Bachmann once hid in the bushes to spy on a GLBT demonstration at the state capitol, and when she was discovered there, claimed she was looking for her shoe. She routinely leads prayer parades through the capitol.

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