Siren Song, redux

July 05, 2006 by susan

Well no, except I get the creeps when they blow on the first Wednesday. (I know Barb, it feels like Monday.) The hairs on my neck stand up every time. And I get the creeps when I see the mother in Baghdad laying out mats to sleep with her children on the roof because it's 120 degrees and the electricity only sputters in randomly, and I get them when I see Condi's huge mug on my CNN default page and realize that there couldn't be a worse team than the one we have responding to North Korea's nuke tests, and I get them when I see that Kenny Boy will serve his time in hell and not in prison.

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Siren song

July 05, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

Am I the only one who gets the creeps when the sirens go off at 1:00 on the first Wednesday of each month? Theyre running right now, fading some as they rotate away from us, growing louder and more piercing as they swing around our way.

More than once, I have wondered if there are sirens in Baghdad or Afghanistan. Note to self: Check this out with photojournalist friend, Linda.

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Fourth of July, 1950-something

July 04, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

When I was a kid, we sometimes traveled to rural North Dakota over the Fourth of July. Thats where my fathers side of the family lived.

Grampa had already given up farming. He and Gramma bought a house in town. It must have felt like being funneled into a baby food jar, though the population was barely 1,500 at the time. Aunt Margie and Uncle Millard and my three girl cousins continued to live in the country, on the site of Grampas defunct silver fox farm. (PETA would have had a field day with that.)

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July 03, 2006 by susan

According to right wing mush heads like columnist Jonah Goldberg, we liberals (however you want to define that -- Open-minded? Respectful of individual rights? Generous?) are the reason were losing the war on terror that the three Bushkateers are so gallantly waging this holiday, as the rockets red glare light up the skies over their ranches and beach homes.

I am feeling just a little bit nudgy about celebrating our independence when we dont seem to have so much of it anymore, starting with the obvious oil addiction and our trizillion dollar debt to China. And then theres yesterdays image of the Baghdad market blown to smithereens, the horribly burned little boy in the hospital, todays photo of the mass graves and on it goes.

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Don't Eat the Poison

July 01, 2006 by susan

Im guilty of despairing that the dysfunctional Dems will manage to blow it again and fail to gain the necessary seats in the midterm elections. So my sister gave my nose a tear-springing tweak and told me that we shouldnt all gather round and gnaw on that bone because it only gives it more power. Its the ant poison that Karl Rove has put out for us, and we each take a little nibble and go home to our nest and spread it around. And we all know what that does to the others in the nest. Extermination is, after all, Tom DeLays business, and he may be down, but not yet out.

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