You ate WHAT???

June 17, 2006 by barbara

This just in from WSJ re Enron's formerly-suicidal-but-now-resigned-to-his-fate Jeffrey Skilling:

In the interview, Skilling insisted he was innocent despite a jury convicting him on 19 counts.

Skilling says that he stupidly helped convict himself by telling federal authorities -- whom he described as the "Gestapo" -- too much.

"I was the best source of information that the government had," he said. "Absolutely."

Skilling also said he endured two weeks in the Utah wilderness, hiking 30 miles a day, to prepare for the exhausting trial. During that time, he ate caterpillars and worms.

Barbara says: Okey dokey. Well, this is a novel twist on hair shirts and self-flagellation. This guy now holds the world record for the most disgusting behavior while blame-putting. But, as always, the Republicans are in hot pursuit and by tomorrow . . . well, you know . . . .

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