Yeah, but can he ride a bike?

May 28, 2006 by barbara

by barbara miller

Full disclosure: I am not the official poster woman for Al Gore in 2008. But I could get that way with very little prodding.

I am sick nigh unto death of variations of the following reaction to the possibility of Al Gore running for the presidency again:

"But he's so BORRRRR-ing."

Hello? What are we after here? A leader of the free world or an entertainer?

Give us someone with both local and global expertise and great instincts. Heck, any instincts! Someone who does not necessarily press for English as this nation's only language, but who can at least speak it. Someone with a limited number of colleagues headed for the slammer.

After enduring five years of a president of modest intellect who leans farther right than the tower at Pisa, it's abundantly clear that the voters and the vote manipulators screwed up.

Al Gore made a Big Mistake in the run-up to 2000. He allowed himself to be handled and spun. Only as he has "reverted" to being himself have we had a renewed sense of who he really is, how smart he is, how much he knows, and how deep he runs.

So again, I ask, do we want a leader or do we want an entertainer? If you had to pause to think about that, DON'T ANSWER!! Because the last thing we need is another silvery-tongued slickster in the White House. Think some more, please.

If Gore runs (and it looks like he will), listen to him. He has lot to say, and almost all of it is essential to the well-being of our country and our planet. I don't know if he can tap dance or sing. I don't know if he does stand-up comedy. Also, I don't care.

I want a real president. I want Al Gore.

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