June 20, 2006 by barbara

It is believed that Private Thomas L. Tucker and Private Kristian Menchaca have been found. Dead and tortured. It will require DNA tests to identify them. A day of silence on this blog in their honor.

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Anonymous (not verified) | June 22, 2006 - 10:45am

Dear Ms Miller
I have never heard someone express the TRUTH so succinctly.
As a Vietnam veteran I continue to rail against this incessant "stay the course" mentality that Bush and his mendicant mouth pieces continue to espouse.
Your article about the two individuals taken hostage and (it is now known) believed to be (DU FACTOR STRIKES AGAIN AT THE PROPOGRANDA MACHINE COMMONLY REFFERED TO AS THE WHITEHOUSE) tortured and killed.
I admantly do not trust this regime and most of all his highness (KING GEORGE HIMSELF) with anything govermental (INCLUDING DOGCATCHER) which would almost certainly lead to deaths amongst the (us) non-elite
We glorify war and term it "PROTECTING OUR FREEDOM"
which is so far from the truth as to be ignorant.
People must stand up learn the truth about this incessant war-monging liar(s) and push them out.