Man of the (pre-selected) people

June 27, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

He came, he saw, he didn't shoot anyone. Far as we know. (Q: Why don't you people let that hunting accident thing go? A: Because like most Bushies, Cheney beat the rap, which offends us.)

Our fair cities were graced with the presence of the D'ick Cheney yesterday. In yet another Rovian ploy, his comings and goings were scheduled during rush hour, rendering major streets and highways impassable. Thus thousands of peasants were displaced by one feral man. (Q: There you go again. Do you people have any decency at all? A: Yes, we do. That's why we're Democrats.)

The gig was held in daylight (a Rovian ploy to dispel the vampire thing) at the estate of Karen and William Hawks. Did you for one minute think that a Republican fundraiser would be held at a mere "home of"? Nevah. It was all about patrician privilege. It was private. No press, no public, no access to D'ick. (Q: He has a perfect right to . . . A: Knock it off!)

For a mere $250 a head, you could touch the ground he walked on. For a thousand bucks, you got a closer look at D'ick (be still, my heart!) AND you could have your photo taken with him. Whatever would you do with that, I wonder. For me, it would be a stark, visual reminder of what we get if we impeach Bush. Think about it. Very scary.

Back to the D'ick Cheney gig. There was the requisite little group of war protesters, paddling near the shoreline of the estate. Two were arrested for trying to land in an attempt to talk to Cheney. Bwahahahahahaha! Silly commoners.

Review: D'ick was here to attract donor dollars for Michele Bachmann. Bachmann is our state's leading homophobe and princess of piety. Thus it follows that she has been anointed by the Republicans to run for U.S. Congress in the Sixth District, succeeding Mark Kennedy (think Fahrenheit 9/11).

Her opponent is Democrat Patty Wetterling. And upon hearing about the $1,000 photo op, Wetterling issued her own offer. Want your picture taken with her? If you will donate one dollar ($1.00) to her campaign, you're on. Spunky lass, that Patty. And an accessible commoner. Check out Patty Wetterling. And while you're at it, check out Michele Bachmann.

Folks, America owes Minnesota big time. For several hours yesterday, 49 states were safe. Now D'ick's back in his cave. Minnesotans can breathe again, basking in our shining memories. (Q: Are you done yet? A: Yup.)

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