June 26, 2006 by barbara

Dick Cheney has slithered out of his cave (think Gollum). He is in the Twin Cities (MN) for a "private fundraiser" for Michele Bachmann who is running for Congress against Patty Wetterling.

For those who many not know, Bachmann is Minnesota's most unrepentantly shrill homophobe, having turned on her own step-sister, who is a lesbian. Bachmann once hid in the bushes to spy on a GLBT demonstration at the state capitol, and when she was discovered there, claimed she was looking for her shoe. She routinely leads prayer parades through the capitol.

Cheney and Bachmann. Perfect match. This is the kind of alliance that keeps our nation at risk. And the ick meter is going bonkers.

Have to go. Must alert the Pollution Control Agency.

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